Cloud and Data

DG Transform was born in Cloud Computing era. We offer you multiple cloud-based solutions which will empower your business.

Power BI:

  • We collect your data from whatever sources, such as core systems, public data warehouse, data sheets.
  • The data is structured and processed on Microsoft Azure platform
  • In-depth analysis will be conducted on your data by using AI and machine learning tools
  • Data is presented on dashboard and further business insights will be triggered through the whole process

Cold Chain Solution

  • By connecting to a tracker in your cold chain cargo, we show the status of your cargo on a cloud-based portal, which is accessible anytime anywhere
  • You know the real-time info of your cargo, such as temperature and location
  • Proactive alerts will be triggered under certain conditions predefined
  • The solution is widely used on perishable goods or pharmaceutical products

Digital Twin Solution

  • Our digital twin solution provides transparent information about your operating environments
  • It integrates visual reality, geographic information, physical simulation and free interaction to create high-quality digital twin scenes
  • The generated virtual scenes and urban skeletons are used in other company products, aiming to further promote digital twin technology to empower smart cities, smart transportation, smart driving etc