Digital Twin Solution

What is Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical object or system. The technology behind digital twins has expanded to include large items such as buildings, factories and even cities, and some have said people and processes can have digital twins, expanding the concept even further. As well as physical assets, the digital twin technology can be used to replicate processes in order to collect data to predict how they will perform.

What do we do with our Digital Twin Solution?

  • Companies need insights based on real-time information to improve and sustain control of work practices.
  • Our digital twin solution provides transparent information about your operating environments, which are constantly changing.
  • It integrates visual reality, geographic information, physical simulation, and free interaction to create high-quality digital twin scenes.
  • The generated virtual scenes and urban skeletons are used in other company products, aiming to further promote digital twin technology to empower smart cities, smart transportation, smart driving, real estate, etc.