Compliance Management Platform

What is Compliance?

“Compliance” means “comply with regulations” . The “regulations” here include several levels of content:

  1. The laws and regulations of the country or region where the corporate headquarters, branches and subsidiaries are located;
  2. The rules of the industry in which the company is located or internationally accepted norms, etc.;
  3. The internal rules and regulations formulated by the company according to its own management needs, including corporate values, culture, ethics, and business conduct codes, etc.;

Compliance management, together with business management and financial management, is called the three pillars of corporate management. It is an important aspect of internal control and a key link in risk management. Effective compliance management helps companies deal with uncertainties, risks and opportunities, protects and increases shareholder value, and reduces the possibility of unexpected losses and reputation losses.

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In recent years, the world has undergone tremendous changes. Things such as the rise of China, Brexit, divided society of the United States, etc., directly or indirectly affect the business environment of the entire world, and multinational companies are facing huge opportunities and challenges. It forces us to think about how we can help multinational companies reduce compliance risks, ensure the smooth operation of the business, and achieve their established strategic goals in the current increasingly fierce competition between countries and enterprises.

We have seen more and more companies begin to attach importance to corporate compliance work and take proactive actions on risk management in response to corporate internal, national, industrial and international regulations, rules and policies. However, due to the lack of a comprehensive management system and effective management methods, many companies, despite the establishment of compliance management departments or organizations, still cannot meet the requirements for compliance management. Compliance management and internal control, legal affairs, and audit work overlap in many aspects, which also caused a lot of duplication of work.
Our program is launched to target at the above problems. By combing the internal and external policies and rules of our customers, we help our customers to set up a compliance management strategy, establish a corporate compliance management system, identify risks operations, propose rectification suggestions, work out implementable steps, and finally embed them into the Compliance Management Platform.